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Questionaire of Guy Harrison

1. Do you know what the topic mindfulness is and have you ever used it ?

Yes I have. I try to be mindful for most of my life. Working for a PHD has really changed my prespetive on life.

2. Are you mindful while using social media ? Why or why not ?

No, I get on for entertainment.

3. Have you ever been mindful in your career?

I am a teacher. I have to be mindful in creating lesson plans for my students. It takes a lot of work. It is a drawn out process.

4. Have you ever caught yourself being mindless ?

Yes. I find myself driving mindlessly all the time. I am a good driver but I do not think to much about it. Second nature  tasks are times were I feel mindless




Video and reaction about mindfulness

This video shows why it is helpful to be mindful in using social media. Many people look at social media during their down time. This is a time were our mind is shutdown. We are looking for something to laugh at. We are looking for someone we can talk to. This is all great but we are not learning anything new. Being mindful while look at social media can be very beneficial to you. Looking at what people post can give you a clue on who the person is. It can also lead to new interests. I think social media could be used for people who study sociology. It is a new way to interact with hundreds of people. If we are more mindful when we click on any social media app it could help us understand the world around us a little better.

Video and Reaction about Mindfulness


She talks about how we use social media. We have times before bed and in our down time when just look through our phone mindlessly. Social media could be a great way for our mind to travel. It is a way to find new people and avenues to different sources of information. This could help people find a purpose on social media. Most people go on their phone for entertainment. We could be more mindful on our phones. This could help us learn ideas that we could not find in a book or even a website. We could learn about certain people. We could all learn why people post the things that they do. Being mindful on social media could be very helpful.

Mindfulness activity

I want everyone who reads this to try this for a day.

  1. Do something unexpected. An example might be walking up the stairs backwards. Then look at the people around you and see their reactions.
  2. Then I would like everyone to be a critic of their lives. Be your own critic. Change something in your life that you do not like. If this is out of your comfort zone it is okay.
  3. Finally I would like you to look at peoples reactions and ask why they are doing what they are doing. It is a good way to change your prescriptive on life itself.

Video about Mindfulness

This video is about how to train your mind to be more mindful. As the video goes on it tells the listener what mindfulness is. The video also talks about how hospitals are teaching the people to be mindful to relive stress. There has been stats that proves this works. There are a collection of these videos on YouTube. Most people do not take time to train your mind. People must asses the situation at hand and deal with it in a deeper way.  This video gives you tips and tricks on how to become a mindful person. I think this is a good video for anyone who is curious in better themselves.

Question and Answer

1. Look it up ?

2. That’s an empirical question that cannot be tested.
3.  Yes, I pay attention when I read or email think or speak, for example.
4.  People who suffer from ADD do not do well.
5.  When I learned to direct live tv shows I simultaneously learned to focus on many things at once.